The Boudoir Shy Factor

It’s hard to explain to people that once you begin shooting a boudoir session with BeMe you won’t even realize after two minutes that you are in your dedicates. For some reason saying the words Bra and Panties makes us automatically tuck our chests inward and begin the head-shake of NO! NO! NO! I couldn’t do that! Well I’m here to tell you that it’s just another day at the beach ladies…Really! If you have ever worn a bathing suit and went to the beach or pool, you can do a boudoir shoot with us. Once the music gets rollin and you see the initial shot of your eyeballs crossed and begin to laugh at yourself, it’s just another fun experience you get to have. Laughter is REQUIRED and when you don’t expect it a sexy beast arises from

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within. Truth be told, one of the reasons I have to have an assistant is so she’ll do the cough signal to let me know the time is up! I could shoot all day and about 99% of my clients are surprised to hear the words ‘THAT’S A WRAP’ after their third outfit change. Remember, no good movie is made without a few funny outtakes. The end result though is truly monumental and worth the production. So come on by and let’s discover you inner DIVA!


Here is a picture of what started out as a nervous bride to be…

Bride in boudoir



Sam - The “assistant” is also fantastic for comedic entertainment 😉

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