Let’s Talk About Family

As the weather gets colder and the ring ding ding of the holiday season is being blasted in your face everywhere you turn, the thought of family starts popping up.  Lately, I’ve been really sentimental about the female connection.  My daughter and I fight like sisters and she’s only two and three quarters!  I am amazed by what I learn from her each day.  She reminds me of everything I did wrong and right as I was growing up.  The connection two females cultivate is so precious.  As mothers and daughters, best buddies, aunties and nieces, or grandmothers and granddaughters the emotional ties run deep.  There are just some things that men don’t get.   I love every single bit of being a female and I love being blessed with a daughter, mother, sisters, best friends and amazing aunts to learn from and be my emotional, chick flick loving self with.  Recently I grabbed a set of beautiful ladies and got some peeks at the personalities of each of them as individuals and as duo’s.  Mother/Daughter or Auntie/Niece pictures are really a blast to shoot.  Beyond the excessive gabbing that goes on, you really get to see the inner connection that each relationship possesses.  Here are a few snaps from the shoot!

K e e p   i n   T o u c h