Two People In Love…

We are so busy all the time on that endless roller coaster we call life, that we oftentimes don’t stop and see the person we live with everyday. I laugh at the fact that I text my husband while in bed because to get up and actually have face to face contact would take too much energy. Needless to say couple time is hard to fit in with kids and work.

This weekend I photographed a beautiful couple. Skylar and Sean have been married for 3 years, have 3 kids and more than 3 hectic lives to coordinate. When I asked them what it was that made them click they told me a familiar story… “Well before the kids we went

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everywhere and did everything” The tale of two lives… The Before and After. We have all been there…patting a baby’s back and daydreaming about that magical evening spent years ago walking downtown hand in hand without the thought of babies,

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schoolwork, and deadlines circling around in the back of our minds. Work, bills and kids were non existent…you didn’t even know what to worry about. Fastforward a couple of years, a dog, and some kids later and you have to steal those quiet moments for you and that person you call your other half. Now hey I love my kids but it truly is a different life without the little people around…not necessarily better…just less expensive and a bit more spontaneous.

During the couples photo-shoot I got to see a glimpse of Skylar and Sean’s past and the spice they currently retain. They danced, laughed, and reflected on each other. They took a moment… and looked pretty darn good while doing it! Such a nice reminder of why we need to stop and look at each other every once and a while. If you have been in love for a minute or for a million minutes think about doing something for the two of you. Check out some of the shots from their shoot. Enjoy!






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