Right Here…Right Now…

I’m one of those people that sometimes take things way to seriously. I get stressed out and crazy about my world and then time passes and I look back and have the woulda, shoulda, couldas. Over the weekend I attended an amazing workshop and realized just how powerful taking time out to reflect on your present moment can be. It may have taken 8 years to get to where you are now and you may constantly look over your shoulder at what it took to get you here but turn around and look down at your feet and gaze from side to side and see where you are standing. I’m in love with the idea of growth and constantly changing and evolving into a better me…but I oftentimes fail to see who I am already…and when I do stop for that moment to reflect and be

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present I kinda think that the current me may not be so bad. Breathe in and breathe out…then put on a great song and dance! Enjoy the current version of yourself today…


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