Have A Ball

So I’m sitting in my home office with Amy Winehouse blaring in my face. I’m actually in a good mood. As I scan

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my room I begin to notice the collage of pictures on my wall. Pictures of my kids as tiny, pooping tots and my heart starts to ache. When did they grow

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into these larger human beings with opinions and lives separate from mine? It’s so sad and unfair…BUT…When you hear the roaring laughter, the beautiful logic they spew, and begin to see them take on hobbies and passions, you can’t help but to be excited for them as they start to grow and experience the goods and bads of this life. So, instead of dipping into a nursing home future stupor, I begin to think about how much fun we had watching “Despicable Me” last night. No tears, bottles, or burp cloths…a new stage…a new kind of parenting experience. Where is all of my rambling going?….Enjoy every stage…Celebrate every moment and Have A Ball!!!

I shot a Mother and Son session at the green-way in Huntersville and here are some of the pics that I just

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Dotty - atishay marmeek depict zalet he atale avaaz . puN ya sagaLya netyancha atala avaz asato ka kharach?? .suruvateela vaTala noise pollution var lihitay aaj, tyamuLe mee jara sarasavun vachat hote farach common problem ahe ha sahya shrahaanmadhala..pun madhye ekdam vishayantar zalyasarakha vaTala. taree point is well taken as always!

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