Sometimes our best life is staring us in the face and we don’t even see it. We look around it, under it and over it but fail to just see it for what it is. Emotions run through me like a 20 lane highway and I never where I’m going from one day to the next. I flash back to things, remember a smell or sound and realize just how fast the ball keeps rolling along. It ain’t stoppin folks… just hold on and enjoy the ride!… I have had a hard time seeing the grass is greener side of life lately. Transition after transition is sometimes hard for me to keep up with. But, at the end of the day, I started to see that if you don’t

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laugh you cry… and once you’ve cried too much, your eyes are swollen shut and you miss out on what’s right in the room going great. My husband, children and close friends are what keep me motivated…Do you have special people in your life?

Recently I did a shoot with one of the strongest women I know. To go through hell and back and still be able to radiate a humble warm glow each and every day is something I admire deeply. She takes out time to give to so many as a healthcare provider and during a recent beach trip I got her to show off a bit…Thanks for being one of the best human beings I know …




Jalene - PEOPLE ABOUT YOUR THUMNAILS GRAPHIC. You have to wait 6 to 8 hours and it will appear, for some reason the first you try it it appears almost instantly but the second or third won't load that fast, you have to wait until YouTube updates its site in about 6-8 hours and it will show. Yes I know is shows an ol/urpeviods image, just make sure you upload the right one now and then wait.

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