BeMe and the Hidden GEM…

Getting older makes you realize just how much plans change. Ten years ago I would have never thought I would be where I am today. You start out thinking that you are on one path and wind up completely where you need to be on another. Our progressions and changes are what make us unique and interesting. We may not understand it while the world is falling apart around us so-to-speak but when it’s all said and done we are the beautiful mess that we were supposed to be.

I don’t think nervous is the best word to use for what one of my latest clients felt before her shoot….Lets go with HORRIFIED…(chuckle). As we chatted and snacked her nerves began to fade and as we progressed into each outfit change and pose variation you could see the years of dusty insecurity begin to shift and become blown away. By

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the end of our photo-shoot this woman, this mother, this Egyptian hieroglyphic interpreter (not kidding), this friend, this lover, this kick-ass force to be reckoned with… simply SPARKLED. Keenan really lit up my

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world and I know these images will light up yours… We have so much power when we stop to see it… Enjoy these



Kameron Matthews - Thank you for making such a beautiful collection of my sister! Now she believes what we’ve all known – how much beauty she really does have!

Kilanga Santiago - Wow, I am SO proud of my friend! Yes Kam hit the nail on the head, I’m so glad for Keenan to finally see in her what so many of us have known for years, she is beautiful inside and out! I love these shots, so artistic. Great job.

Carletha Stevenson - I LOVE all of the pictures….my friend is beautiful… we all told her, now millions of people can tell her the same thing…. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! !!!!

karen liebman cassell - The pictures are so beautiful….your beauty shines not only on the outside but from the inside as well. You are one FABULOUS woman :-)

bemedina - It was so much fun to shoot and I’m happy to see the warm responses from friends and family!!!

Keenan - Thank you all so much! Brandy was correct – I was so scared I was shaking when I walked into her studio…I almost cancelled due to nerves!! But Brandy and Clarissa made me so comfortable and hand me giggling so much that my worries and shyness began to melt away! The experience was amazing…I went in for one reason, but left having a new outlook on not only myself, but my life as a whole. I conquered the fears and self-conscious thoughts that have plagued me since puberty and my self-esteem increased 10-fold!! I can’t thank them both enough for opening my eyes and letting me see that even through the heartache and pain I have experienced, I am still beautful…I am still ME!!

K e e p   i n   T o u c h