BeMe gets a BIG IDEA!!!

So I’ve been busy lately but kind of in a weird funk…It’s probably a mix of the weather and the fact that I have 100 photo-shoot ideas floating around in my head and not enough time to shoot them all at once.  It is truly a blessing and a curse to see life within a frame.  You are constantly sparked but the fire has to burn through to complete the creative impact you want to make.  So as I toss around and get a sizzle or two I finally see the light-bulb go off… I have that moment of AHA!!!  In life when anything worth seeing or doing hits you and REALLY hits you it is because of that connection you feel.  You being to have the feeling of completed connection and it makes you glow,  with your subject.  I pride myself on being able to feel that with those I shoot but what I really want YOU to feel it as well.  So what is all of my blabbing about???….I want to hear about WHO INSPIRES YOU.  Who rocks your world?  Who NEEDS AN OVERHAUL?  Who has 7 kids, has never had a date night and hasn’t taken a picture since the 80’s?  Who keeps their nose in their schoolbooks and doesn’t remember the last time they pulled that ponytail down?  What makes your sister’s eyes sparkle?  What makes your mother eternally beautiful?  I want to experience the people in your world that motivate you to BE BETTER.  Send me an email.  Call me.  Facebook me. Twitter me (I promise I’ll start checking it).  I need 1 FANTASTIC FEMALE each month.  I’ve got February covered…can’t wait to share that with everyone… so I’ll need someone for our second BeMe Cover Story in March.  Who’s In???

Get Excited!!!


I promise you’ll have a great time!!!

K e e p   i n   T o u c h