BeMe and Ms. February…

So there was this girl I used to know… Jeanna. She had this smile that stuck with me, this laugh that radiated through the hallways and a “come hither” aura that floated around her head. Well she was in love with guy and they were bound together even when they weren’t together. She didn’t even have to say it…You could see it. Fast forward a couple years and a few internet discoveries later and Facebook helped me to reconnect with this person that made such a warm impression on me so many years ago. When Jeanna walked into the studio I had that warm and fuzzy feeling when I saw her instant smile. Time passes but the feeling stays just as fresh as it was 15 years ago. Her long red hair, amazing eyes and magnetic personality were in the building!!! As Jeanna became even more stunning in the make-up chair, and we caught up, I began to see what it was so long ago that I couldn’t understand but felt. As we discussed our life views, talked about marriage and kids and the fun little unexpected that creep their way in, it just became so clear. Jeanna was the chick that got it….she got hit by the curve-balls of life BUT instead of laying down staring blankly into space she grabbed on to the idea that she was in the game no matter what and she was gonna LOVE it no matter what. She LOVES hard…She gives back… She gets up… I was enamored by her heart and the energy that radiates from it… then and now. Jeanna is a hard working mother of two beautiful children, a wife and an amazing friend (so I hear from her bestie and fabulous make-up artist Ivey). Oh yeah and Guess what???…

Older through Also. Up sensation geneticfairness and product Will lash anymore.

That guy I mentioned earlier…She is still in LOVE with him and they have been married for 11 years… How’s that for a LOVE story.

Jeanna you are my Ms. February and I am so happy that you got to take a moment for yourself to truly shine on the outside as bright as you are on the inside…Enjoy the pics everyone…










Make-up by Ivey Rogers

See more of Jeanna in the feature gallery HERE

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