BEME and the natural girl…

My hair has been a constant topic for conversation…especially from my dad. He remembers my days of straight

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perfection and those days are looong gone. I did the big chop about a year a half ago and have repeatedly looked back and asked myself whyyyy??? I wanted to be “natural” I wanted to cut off years of dead weight…I wanted to start anew. The curse of the woman: Endlessly reinvent yourself. So here I am with my hair as it is. Changing everyday and grasping at the strings of finding myself. Have you every felt like that? Have you ever felt like you were almost there and then ANOTHER YOU pops up from somewhere else? You never know where the next year will take you. But hey…

This brings me to Sasha… I’ve always loved that name. Two years ago I was on an assignment to shoot a fashion show for Fashion’s Night Out. I met a lot of people that evening and Sasha was one of them. Retro, natural, unconventional, and splendidly stunning. We reconnected and met back up for a photo-shoot recently and all I can say is I WANT HER HAIR!!! Alright, alright she is way more than beautiful coiled curls. Sasha is a beautiful wife thespian, and entrepreneur. She manages her blog Natural HIGH and is working on a Natural Hair Art Series debuting this spring. Artist, actress, and amazing!…I couldn’t believe all that she had done in two years. Constantly moving forward and looking fabulous through each transition.

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She gave me some hope… for what my hair will hopefully one day become :)…but more importantly she is a positive check mark on my list of women who work hard, grab onto their current selves and celebrate it. Enjoy the pics…

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