BEME and the Explorer…

Don’t take it personal that I haven’t blogged in ages.  I am continuing my personal evolution and have started school again.  It’s funny how so much can happen in such s short amount of time.  After my identity was stolen, websites were hacked, baby girl started kindergarten and travel…lots and lots of travel I am hoping to get back on the ball with all of my brain in tact. But enough about my crazy world let’s see what I’ve been shooting.

I had the opportunity to work with another diligent student recently.  Before I even met this lovely lady I knew that this profile photo-shoot was going to be special.  Alaya is a student of dreams I’d like to say.  This chick is so in tune with her spirit that when she enters the room you can FEEL her ora glow.  From the thought that she puts into her dress, stature, movement and tone she shows herself to be a person seeking a greater understanding of life, consciously and unconsciously.  I loved her openness to receive and share knowledge.  She taught me that sometimes you just need to LIVE and see where your karma will take you.  Alaya inspired me to tap into the side of myself that thrives on the peace that is felt by being able to wander and explore.

Even more impressive… She didn’t do the shoot for a significant other she did it for herself. I ADORE that strength.  Too often we often forget that sometimes the only person you need to remember and celebrate is YOU.

So here you go…. Ms.  Alaya…  enjoy the pics!

beautifu intelligent woman-2beautifu intelligent woman-5

beautifu intelligent woman-24beautifu intelligent woman-30beautifu intelligent woman-25


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