BeMe and the Red-Headed Wonder…

I remember meeting Jennifer a few years ago and whispering to my inner self… “Gosh I would love to photograph her”.  Well I got my wish and boy am I happy I did.  It’s a pleasure to be able to photograph women of all sorts.  You think you know a persons’ story and you flat out DON’T.  It takes time and opportunity to get a person to open up to you.  I ask a lot of people when they come to me for a portrait session.  I ask that you be open and release and that’s not so easy for everyone.  Once you start letting go a bit…you begin to see what I see.  It’s not the practiced angle of a trained model that I hope to show it’s the STORY of  each individual that I oh so love to tell.   This fine day Jennifer shared a bit of herself.  She is the mom that works from home to see her baby girl grow…the wife that adores her husband…the woman who has 2 higher education degrees but doesn’t toot her own horn (because she doesn’t need to).  She is the chick with the vintage demeanor and one heck of a poker face.  She’s got her pieces lined up.  She’s got her priorities in line…She is content with her place in the world and keeps that place and her peace close.  Jennifer’s photo day translated into something splendidly refined and oh so introspective… (P.S.–I did get her to giggle a bit too 😉 ) Thanks for letting me in…




Jennifer - This was a wonderful experience and a confidence booster. You have an exceptional gift. I look forward to working with you again and next time I will be much more relaxed.

Brandy - Come back anytime!

Candice - These pics are just truly amazing. I love them all. My favorites are the ones with the braided hair. You just look so classic. Very beautiful and excellent photography!

Brandy - Thanks Candace!

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